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DMA2013 ROI MAX™ Academy. Yesterday’s Event Marketing is Dead™. Messaging Mastery in the New Age of Sales Pitch & Ad Avoidance

August 20, 2013 @ 1:00 pm - 2:00 pm

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This energetic, interactive and must-attend Webinar has transformed many thousands of exhibitors’ strategic booth presentations into their most successful and sales-effective ones ever!  This means transforming an otherwise strategic booth presentation from one which prospective attendees walk past and yawn… into ones that truly causes attendees to stop dead in their tracks and think – “I must learn more!”  If any booth fails to accomplish this outcome, it has failed.

The very purpose of the exhibit booth is to be ‘sales effective’ in successfully capturing the prospective buyer’s attention (Interrupting), arousing enough curiosity and interest such they want to learn more (Engaging)… and to cause them to shift into receptive body language as they slowly approach the booth (Inviting).

Each strategic booth presentation must effectively communicate in 3½ seconds or less to any prospect the following: “Why should I be interested in learning more?”  Then, in the following 4-5 seconds, it must immediately articulate to the prospect: “What truly makes this company’s offerings unique, relevant, valuable and important to me?   And, what makes them any different, better or worse than any of the others in their category?”

Then – and only then – will any Booth Master be in a prime position to ‘open’ and ‘engage’ the prospective buyer in conversation and build the relationship.  DMA2013 exhibitors who participate in this highest-rated Webinar will learn how to build an optimal strategic messaging mastery which captivates prospects with such compelling ‘differentiation’ as to immediately communicate ‘why us versus the rest of the competitive pack’!

Exhibitors who’ve embraced the ‘winning formulas’ revealed in this cutting-edge Webinar have found that qualified prospects will be more than four times more likely to proactively approach their booth with pre-conceived interest, rather than having to rely on trying to initiate conversations from (otherwise non-interested) attendees walking past the booth. Naturally, it’s always better to be pursued… than to always be the party pursuing! Today, it’s the “pull” strategic booth presentation that most greatly prevails.  Not the old “push” approach!

Key Points:

  • Learn how to transform your booth presentation into one that causes attendees to stop dead in their tracks and think – “I must learn more!”
  • How do you make your exhibit ‘sales effective’ so that it captures the prospect’s attention, draws interest in your company and, lastly, invites them to stop.
  • Learn how to effectively communicate what makes your company different from all the others – not only with your booth staff, but the exhibit booth itself.

Presenter: Charles W. Allen

Charles W. Allen has spent his adult life as founder and builder of leading events’ industry companies, inventor, professional writer, educator, expert sales trainer, publisher and professional speaker. Countless exhibition industry veterans credit Allen with helping to pioneer the industry segment that came to be known as “Event Marketing”. In 1987, he founded American Exhibition Services, as Chairman & CEO while growing it into North America’s leading event marketing company for sixteen+ years. He also founded the Trade Show News Network (TSNN.com), CNN ‘Headline News’ Convention Network (partnership with Turner Networks) and co-founded Diamond Displays International. In 2005, he founded The C.W. Allen Group, LLC. He now serves as Executive Director of Global Corp. Relations for the International Economic Alliance (conceived at Harvard Univ.) in Cambridge, MA. As well, he’s an Independent Consultant for ‘select projects’ in the events and investments sectors. Allen also heads the Exhibiting ROI-Q™ Academy, which is a leading exhibitor education and training program, proving to consistently increase exhibitor ROI and show retention rates. This program has been conducted in conjunction with Trade Show Exhibitors Association, IEA, ECEF and BPA Worldwide.

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August 20, 2013 1:00 pm
August 20, 2013 2:00 pm
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