Data & Analytics


Pick up tips on collecting the flood of available data, and broaden your understanding of how different kinds of analytics help you to better understand and target your customers and prospects so that you can deliver relevant and engaging experiences.

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Sessions Include:

The Shift to Customer-Centric Marketing

Attribution: Who Gets Credit for Online Purchases

2013 Analytics Challenge

Data-Driven Insights for Greater Relevancy

Fanalytics: Using Segmentation to Drive Ticket Sales for Sports Teams

Digital Marketing Breakthroughs: The Power of Integrated Marketing

Data Refinement: The Missing Link between Data Collection and Decisions

The Silent Migration: Engaging Seniors in the Online Space

Epson’s Journey towards Data-Driven Customer-Centricity

Understanding and Activating First Party Data for CRM

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Exhibitors that can help with solutions outlined in this track

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  • Canada Post Canada Post
  • DS Graphics Inc DS Graphics Inc
  • Valid USA Valid USA
  • InfoSeal LLC InfoSeal LLC
  • Scratch Off Systems, Inc. Scratch Off Systems, Inc.
  • OnTrac International OnTrac International
  • Environics Analytics Environics Analytics
  • LiveRamp LiveRamp
  • 1to1 Card 1to1 Card
  • Modern Postcard Modern Postcard
  • Litle & Co. Litle & Co.
  • Semcasting Inc. Semcasting Inc.
  • TrackToAct TrackToAct
  • TPG Rewards, Inc. & Receipt Validations TPG Rewards, Inc. & Receipt Validations
  • RSVP Publications RSVP Publications
  • Ennis, Inc. Ennis, Inc.
  • Private Label Nutraceuticals Private Label Nutraceuticals
  • Continental Envelope Continental Envelope
  • Nahan Printing, Inc. Nahan Printing, Inc.
  • Southwest Publishing & Mailing Corp. Southwest Publishing & Mailing Corp.
  • Competiscan Competiscan
  • Lehigh Direct Lehigh Direct
  • Bertek Systems, Inc. Bertek Systems, Inc.
  • Dovetail-The Marketing Database Company Dovetail-The Marketing Database Company
  • RR Donnelley RR Donnelley
  • Satori Software Inc. Satori Software Inc.
  • UNICOR – Services Business Group UNICOR – Services Business Group
  • Japs-Olson Company Japs-Olson Company
  • GrayHair Software, Inc GrayHair Software, Inc
  • Quad/Graphics Quad/Graphics
  • Impact Innovations Inc. Impact Innovations Inc.
  • Membership Cards Only, LLC Membership Cards Only, LLC
  • B&W Press B&W Press
  • Amazingmail Amazingmail
  • 1to1 Media 1to1 Media
  • Direct Link Worldwide Inc Direct Link Worldwide Inc
  • Z-CARD North America Z-CARD North America
  • American Spirit Corporation American Spirit Corporation
  • Iron Mountain Fulfillment Services Iron Mountain Fulfillment Services
  • Summit Direct Mail Summit Direct Mail
  • Worcester Envelope Company Worcester Envelope Company
  • Direct Mail Solutions Direct Mail Solutions
  • Complete Merchant Solutions Complete Merchant Solutions
  • ShipShapes ShipShapes
  • LasX Industries, Inc. LasX Industries, Inc.
  • Johnson & Quin, Inc Johnson & Quin, Inc
  • Act-On Act-On
  • SMS Marketing Services Inc. SMS Marketing Services Inc.
  • Adobe Adobe
  • Scribe Software Scribe Software
  • Stalco Stalco
  • Careington International Corp Careington International Corp
  • Plastic Graphic Co Plastic Graphic Co
  • Global-Z International Global-Z International
  • Action Mailers Inc. Action Mailers Inc.
  • Real Time Content, Inc. Real Time Content, Inc.
  • Access Development Access Development
  • Univenture, Inc Univenture, Inc
  • Volly by Pitney Bowes Volly by Pitney Bowes
  • Ward/Kraft, Inc. Ward/Kraft, Inc.
  • DataLab USA DataLab USA
  • Teradata Teradata
  • PacNet Services Ltd. PacNet Services Ltd.
  • United Business Mail United Business Mail
  • Specialty Print Communications Specialty Print Communications
  • Off The Wall Magnetics Off The Wall Magnetics
  • Power Direct Marketing Power Direct Marketing
  • Provenir Provenir
  • American Slide Chart/Perrygraf American Slide Chart/Perrygraf
  • MackayMitchell Envelope Company MackayMitchell Envelope Company
  • Optigraphics Optigraphics
  • MetaResponse Group MetaResponse Group
  • Magnets 4 media Magnets 4 media
  • Asendia USA Asendia USA
  • Anchor Computer Anchor Computer
  • Bisnode Deutschland GmbH Bisnode Deutschland GmbH
  • Victor Envelope Company Victor Envelope Company
  • Infor Infor
  • Marketing Impact Marketing Impact
  • Darwill Darwill
  • The Office Gurus The Office Gurus
  • Wiland Direct Wiland Direct
  • Design Distributors Inc. Design Distributors Inc.
  • Lake Group Media Inc. Lake Group Media Inc.
  • United States Postal Service United States Postal Service
  • dotMailer Inc. dotMailer Inc.
  • 99designs 99designs
  • InfoCision Management Corporation InfoCision Management Corporation
  • Knotice Knotice
  • RedPoint Global RedPoint Global
  • ClickTale ClickTale
  • Theorem Theorem
  • North American Communications North American Communications
  • Verso Paper Corp. Verso Paper Corp.
  • CoreLogic CoreLogic
  • Dun & Bradstreet Dun & Bradstreet
  • Tension Corporation Tension Corporation
  • Taylor Taylor